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You Might Want to See China’s 2018/19 Kits…

China. A land of vibrancy, style and dragons, but sadly the team ranked 73rd in the world won’t be making an appearance at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Despite their failure to qualify, the two kits that Nike has provided them with – home and away – are stunning, full of colour, style and dragons. Yes, actual dragons. Around an hour ago we showed you Manchester City’s new home kit. It was well designed by Nike and had the champion-factor, riding on the back of their title win. Something that the kit also had was a mysterious pattern on the sleeves, a feature of China’s new home kit also. 




The body is their signature red and the colour which outlines the crests, sponsors and any other stylish flares is yellow. There isn’t too much to say about the rich colours until we get onto the sleeves which features a series of fading lines from red across to yellow. It’s an incredibly smart kit and Wu Lei, the spokesperson for the Chinese team said:

“The iconic colours and cultural design remind us of our mission to defend the pride of Chinese football.”




While the home kit might feature the famous colours, it certainly isn’t as bold as the away kit. We’re not sure quite what we think.


The base colour of the jersey is black. That’s fine, so is Dundee FC and the Corinthians, but what they do not have is dragon print plastered across the chest. Admittedly it is incredibly striking, it’s hard not to see the shiny material with multiple giant lizards on. Across the sleeves the same pattern of lines as the home kit can be seen, a little drowned out by the pattern across the body.




We really love the home kit, it’s bright, bold and relevant. The colours are excellent and the sleeves carry a really strong pattern. We are still undecided about the away kit but it’ll be great to see it on the field of play. What do you think about it? Is it the Marmite of international football?


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