Reebok to Return to UK Market


Reebok are set to make a return to the UK and Ireland market. An announcement made this week reveals that sports manufacturers Reebok have come together with Sports Hub Group to help distribute their jerseys across the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Having been absent from England since the 2011/12 season, when they famously sponsored Bolton Wanderers, Reebok’s resurgence signals a compelling comeback. Sports Hub Group’s involvement, with rights to distribute jerseys for brands like New Balance and Patrick, adds credibility to Reebok’s re-entry into the market.

Despite their hiatus from European football, Reebok has maintained a small presence in the sport, manufacturing kits for the Panama national team and Brazilian club Botafogo. The brand has a longstanding and rich history within English football, including collaborations with clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, and Aston Villa.

With this strategic move, Reebok sets the stage for potential involvement in the Premier League in the coming years. As anticipation mounts for the brand’s comeback, football shirt collectors will eagerly await the unveiling of new Reebok jerseys and potential partnerships with top-tier clubs.


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