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Corinthians’ 2018/19 Home Kit Has Been Revealed

Nike have some incredible sponsorship deals with personalities who are at the very top of their sporting game. They have a huge product range and design kits for some of the world’s top football teams. Here is their most recent release – Palmeiras’ rivals: Corinthians. The two teams compete regularly in Brasileiro Série A – the very high heights of Brazilian football. While we have seen some cluttered away kits which haven’t quite pulled off an effective look, we have also seen basic kit tops without character and flair. While this top doesn’t seem to shout boldness, it does perhaps have the redeeming feature of Nike’s Swoosh.



Let’s firstly address the elephant in the room: this does appear to be simply a white sports top with a logo we aren’t quite familiar with, but I’m going to step out a on a limb here and say that with a simple logo, this is rather an effective design – granted, not quite as effective as it would have been if it had a secondary colour.

The personality for this kit top comes almost entirely from the club’s crest. The crest itself seems to blast colour across the top and makes up for any lack of it.

Moving across to the back and while there is even less to talk about here, the four black stripes moving vertically from inside the collar and down to the nape further the simplicity of the top. If the kit had a number and player name on the back it’s likely that this would account for the complete blank canvas.

Whether the Corinthians can beat Palmeiras at Corinthians Arena is yet to be seen but what is clear is the kit. It’s pretty bare. However the bareness was perhaps used to highlight the logos being used, the simple swoosh and the four lines on the nape. Is this enough for you?

(We realise that after talking negatively about New York Cosmos’ kit this is a pretty hypercritical piece but this design while basic is more streamlined than theirs).


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