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Casemiro Makes Statement by Switching from Nike to Adidas


Casemiro, the Brazilian Manchester United midfielder, has parted ways with Nike to join forces with Adidas, the renowned German sports giant. This transition marks a pivotal moment for both Casemiro and Adidas, as the football star steps into his new role as an ambassador for Adidas’ cutting edge Predators range.

Casemiro’s departure from Nike signifies a major loss for the American brand, given his long standing affiliation since the beginning of his professional career. Worldwide renowned players such as Harry Kane, Lisandro Martinez, and Jack Grealish have also left Nike in the last 12 months. Casemiro’s switch shows Adidas’ are continuing to  grow their already huge influence in the football industry.

During Manchester United’s recent victory over Aston Villa, Casemiro sported a pair of Adidas Predators, signalling his switch to the brand’s iconic footwear.

As Adidas continues to assert its dominance in the footballing world, fans eagerly await the unveiling of several groundbreaking projects. Among the most anticipated releases is the debut of Jude Bellingham’s specialised logo, which will be intertwined with the new Predator line, promising innovation and style.

In addition to these developments, Adidas recently launched its Major League Soccer collection, solidifying its position as the official manufacturer of all 29 teams’ home and away jerseys. With Casemiro now on board, Adidas will aim to make 2024 a stand out year for the company.


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