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 A Jersey’s Journey: The Celtic Umbro 1979 Away Jersey that Captivated Collectors

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Some items in the world of football memorabilia are timeless antiques that are worth more than their actual value. Recently, through an online auction, a remarkable piece of football history was sold. The Celtic Umbro 1979 match-worn, player jersey fetched a staggering £5,100.00. As we explore deeper the story behind this jersey, we uncover not just a piece of fabric, but a link to a significant chapter in Celtic’s history.

Featuring the iconic Umbro brand sleeve taping, a distinctive wing collar, and adorned with the heat-transfer double diamond Umbro logo, this jersey stands as evidence of the quality of football jerseys of this era. The embroidered club crest proudly sits on the chest, while also marking a significant moment in Celtic’s history – the introduction of their first ‘shiny’ jersey.

Worn in matches throughout the 1979 season, this kit bears no number, adding to its mystique and emphasising its authenticity. George McCluskey and Johnny Doyle emerged as the prolific trailblazers for Celtic in this season, each netting an impressive 15 goals to secure their positions as the first scorers and write their names in the club’s history.

The 1979 season, though marked by Celtic narrowly missing out on the Scottish Premier Division title by Aberdeen, unfolded with remarkable achievements. Guided by the legendary Billy McNeill, whose association with Celtic spans from his playing years as a centre back (1957-1975), to his coaching stints (1978-1983, 1987-1991), the team reached the quarterfinals of the European Cup, now known as the Champions League. McNeill’s leadership during this period left a huge mark on Celtic’s history, making this jersey extra special, as it takes us back to a golden era in the club’s journey.


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