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The Munich G3 Trainers Have Arrived in Two Stunning Colour Styles

You’ve Seen the Futsal Versions Before. Now See the Munich G3 Trainers in Blue/Yellow and Orange/Green.


As you can see from the above heading, we at UK Soccer Shop have shown you the Munich G3 futsal boots before. Furthermore, we really liked the colour combinations that we brought you. To see those existing colour combinations, click here. If you haven’t clicked that link, we can tell you that your options were black and red or yellow and turquoise. But what if you don’t want the extra grip and the practicality that comes with a futsal boot? Well, the Munich G3 trainers could be your answer.


Similar to the futsal boots, a large ‘X’ dominates the outer-edge and can be seen again on the inside. Furthermore, on the back of each shoe is the word ‘Munich’.


munich_g3_orange_green_a Munich G3 Trainers


Let’s first look at the Swedish-looking trainers. They’re blue and the aforementioned ‘X’ on either side is bright yellow. The sole of the shoe features a number of gripping points. Also, the sole is flexible. This flexibility allows for enhanced practicality.


Running around the front of the toe are two thin white lines. This third ‘colouring’, if you can call it that can be seen again on the heel of the Munich G3 trainers. The laces are blue and across the toe is a section of breathable fabric. This breathability ensures creps are always kept fresh.


munich_g3_orange_green_b munich_g3_orange_green_c


Alternatively, if blue and yellow isn’t your preferred colour scheme and you fancy something a little more eye-catching, why not take a look at the bold Munich G3 trainers in orange and green. The two colours are certainly striking. Furthermore, it is the sole that is bright green and the ‘X’ is black.


munich_g3_blue_yellow_b munich_g3_blue_yellow_c


Both colour options offer unique practicality combined with an aesthetic excellence that is hard to beat.


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