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The New Red or Yellow Munich G3 Futsal Boots Have Arrived

We’ve Seen Concept Kits and Football Boot Releases. Now’s Time for the Munich G3 Futsal Boots.


Here at UK Soccer Shop we don’t shy away from lower league football clubs. Furthermore, we don’t shy away from concept kits or football boot releases. Now, however, is the time for a stylish trainer. One that is bright, bold and designed by the experts at Munich to ensure maximum comfort, as well as eye-catching style. Why should you care about the G3 Futsal boots? Well, when you’re playing indoor football and someone nutmegs you and scores a worldie into the quarter-sized goal, you might want to take a look at what they’re wearing on their feet.


munich g3 futsol boots


The sports shoes are red with a white underside across the top of the G3 Futsal boots are patches of breathable fabric. These breathable patches allow the wearer to feel cool, even the most intense fitness session or game of football. A large white ‘X’ dominates the outside of each boot. Furthermore, within the dominated section, the colour fades from red at the front into black at the back.


munich_g3_red_white_black_b munich_g3_red_white_black_c


A thin white line adds character to the front of the Munich G3 Futsal boots. This stripe adds character and can also be seen running vertically at the back of each shoe.




Finally, the underside of the Munich G3 Futsal boots is an amalgamation of the best in gripping technology. Around the edges of the underside are a number of small inverted studs, and the front section features several large grip-points.




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