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Ukraine Reveal Their 2018/19 Away Kit from Joma

Ukraine Releases Promotional Photos from Their Away Kit Launch. They’re a Little Strange.


Earlier in the week we took a look at Ukraine. Not the country as a whole, instead, we looked at their latest home kit. It was simple, eye-catching, and most importantly: yellow. In the past few months the Ukranian men’s’ football team has performed fantastically. Ukraine has picked up four wins and two draws in their last six games. Andriy Shevchenko will feel incredibly positive towards his team’s performance. Perhaps that could be attributed to the kits they’ve been wearing. It probably isn’t but we think it’s best to show you anyway.


What we at UK Soccer Shop loved about the home kit release was the promotional photographs. They featured Taras Stepanenko and Andriy Yarmolenko covering their mouths. One with a sh-ing action, the other kissing the back of his hand. Very strange. So when Ukraine’s latest away kit was pushed across our desk, we were pleased to see two more excellent promotional photographs.


ukraine 18_19_joma_away_kit_a


The kit itself is blue. Running diagonally from under the arm, down to the bottom of the kit is a pattern which reflects Ukraine’s rich culture. On the front of this patterned blank canvas sits the country’s newly designed crest and Joma’s logo.




The neckline has a small collar and is bordered by yellow. This yellow can also be seen on the bottom of each sleeve. The contrast between the country’s two colours is a positive one and this kit is certainly filled with character. Those looking at the promotional photos will see two of Ukraine football’s finest telling the audience to, ‘shh,’ but also lending a listening ear. Yevhen Seleznyov’s pose is a little unsettling, to say the least.


Ukraine’s next match is against Italy in October. It promises to be an interesting fixture, featuring this away jersey.


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