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Cagliari Reveal Their 2018/19 Away Kit by Macron

Weeks ago. And I mean weeks. We at UK Soccer Shop showed you Cagliari’s 2018/19 home kit. It was before the World Cup even kicked off. While England still had a dream and nobody knew who Harry Maguire was. It was back in May and we loved the kit because it was simple, bold, and effective. It was a two-tone kit that was split straight down the middle. The red and charcoal colouring kept it simple and the tapering on the sleeves simply made it incredible. The club finished their 201718 campaign in 16th place. A pretty underwhelming position that Cagliari will hope to build upon going into the 2018/19 season. They’ll have some serious legwork to compete with Juventus, especially after signing Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Fans will simply hope to survive the 2018/19 season and to do so, they’ve teamed up with Macron to create a busy, stylish kit that mirrors the themes of their last kit and builds positivity, ready for next season.


cagliari cagliari_18_19_macron_home_kit_b


The kit colouring is white. Always a winning choice and the tapering that captivated us with the home kit makes another appearance. On the left hand side, a charcoal colouring features around the bottom of the sleeve and under the arms. On the right hand side, a red tapering and colouring features under the arm. We love this design choice.




The front of the jersey, it has to be said, is a little cluttered. Below the simple neckline features an angular “U” shape. It sits between the club’s crest, Macron’s logo, and on top of two sponsors. Underneath the sponsors there are two stripes leading from the bottom to complete the kit design.


We loved the home kit and think that while a little cluttered, this away kit is still an effective, well-designed kit. We can’t wait to see Cagliari compete next season.


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