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Top Five Tweets – When Victor Wanyama Broke the Internet

Southampton and Celtic fans will know him as a midfield general. Victor Wanyama is a strong, imposing figure in the current Southampton side and has been linked with a summer move to the likes of Arsenal and PSG but what we love Big Vic the best for is his exploits on social media.

The Kenyan has become famous not only for pulling on a football shirt but his ability to articulate what he’s doing during his down time. If you ever wondered what footballers do when they’re not ‘footballing’ then Victor certainly gives you a glimpse into this wonderful world.

Here are Victor Wanyama’s top five tweets.

Victor’s Take On Music

Ok, so we assume he’s referring to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and not the Red Hot Chilli Pipers from Scotland, but you never know! Victor thinks they’re red hot, and while we have our reservations we’d be crazy to disagree with that review!

Midfielder gives injury update


There was a time when football fans wouldn’t hear much in the way of injuries news from their club, but twitter has changed all that. When Victor came down with a dead leg, he made sure his fans knew what was going on. The Kenyan laments that he was “strangling” with a dead leg. We’re no football physio’s but we wouldn’t recommend strangling anyone, especially if you’re suffering from a dead leg. Of course, the player spotted his mistake and quickly corrected the situation.

Confused Victor.

We need to give him a pass on this one. Coming from Kenya how was the big man supposed to know what pancake Tuesday is all about?! We’re pretty certain half the people that participate in the lent festivities have no idea why they’re doing it. However, Victor waited a whole day to ask his followers what the deal was. We hear he is the king of pancake Tuesday every year since.

Victor the movie critic.

After a long day of playing ball, Victor Wanyama likes to relax with a movie or two. Sometimes it can get too real though! Case and point, when Victor watched Paranormal Activity for the first time, it all seemed too much for the powerhouse. His last resort was to put the movie in the bin; we were shocked to find out the Kenyan still has a DVD player! Get a Netflix account man!

Victor Loves Spaghetti

We think this particular tweet did what Kim Kardashian never could and broke the internet. Yes, the man who helped down Barcelona with Celtic is quite the food critic, and he had nothing but praise for his dinner this particular evening. This tweet became so popular on twitter with football fans that it actually has more retweets and favourites than the official Chelsea twitter feed has for announcing they won the Champions League. Going to show the big man is as influential on twitter as he is on the park.

We certainly need more players like Victor Wanyama using twitter.


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