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Umbro Sala Ligas – Beautiful

Last week we introduced you to the PSV legendary kit that has been remade by Umbro. The design is fresh, sleek and modern while still retaining the magic of the original kit that led to the team’s most successful campaign to recent date. Using a similar colour scheme (a darker blue), Umbro today showcased the Sala Ligas, trainers with complete comfort while retaining the retro style that has become so popularised in recent years.



Firstly, we’d like to point out the mesh technology for maximum breathability. This means that whatever sport you might be doing or event you are attending, the trainer will keep your feet suitably cool and banish that old-trainer smell from any room in your house.


Starting at the back, the design is elegant and dynamic. Horizontal white stripes against a blue background make sure the style is seen even from the back.

While on a blue background features once again with a fish’s gills style of design. The blue on the side makes sure that the Umbro logo bursts out, much like a rising sun.




Around the toes, a blue line highlights the shaping and a slightly dampened white characterises the inside edges.


By choosing to do less rather than more with the blue, it has an incredibly bold effect. Umbro have always been style pioneers and this is completely demonstrated with this shoe.




Underneath, the rubber sole of the trainers have been ergonomically designed with comfort completely in mind. The ball of the foot is cushioned with the famous large circles to mirror the shape of the foot and each pressure point of the foot is supported healthily.


There are trainers that certainly wouldn’t be allowed into nightclubs, even in the roughest sorts of areas, however these Sala Ligas from Umbro are certainly the type of shoe that could pass into Annabelle’s in London quite easily.


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