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UKSoccershop Announce Enfield Town Partnership

UKSoccershop are delighted to announce a new partnership as the new merchandising partner for Enfield Town Football Club. Enfield Town are a fan-led breakaway from Enfield FC, after the fans lost patience with the running of the club. Enfield Town are a supporters run football club with an impressive grassroots model with thriving youths and ladies teams for all ages. are delighted to support Enfield Town by providing official club merchandise available for sale to fans and players. Supporters can now buy a range of clothing including hoodies, polo shirts and t-shirts as well as cool accessories such as phone covers, mugs and bags in the official Enfield Town shop.



Due to our unique merchandising solution, we are able to offer these products on a 100% risk free basis to Enfield. The club never holds any stock or has any financial outlay and instead, UKSoccershop handle all aspects of the partnership including maintaining stock levels, fulfilling orders and handling returns and customer service queries. Enfield get the profits from every sale, allowing us to help them increase their revenues and margins while eliminating their cost and risk and freeing up valuable time to focus on other aspects of running the football club.

If you are interested in partnering with us and finding out how we can help you increase your revenues while reducing your costs, please email us at We are happy to accept enquiries from clubs at all levels and sizes.


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