Stunning FC Dallas 2017 Away Kit Released

FC Dallas revealed their stunning away (secondary) kit for the coming season, to universal approval. Or maybe that should be to the approval of the Universe! From the state with huge links to the space race, perhaps there’s no surprise in that.


The shirt’s theme is stars, inspired by the lyrics of “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, made famous by Perry Como in 1942.

FC Dallas 2017 Away Kit

This is the FC Dallas away kit for the 2017 MLS season:

insane-fc-dallas-2017-away-kit-front    insane-fc-dallas-2017-away-kit-back

The front of the shirt is an incredible graphic print of the Texas night sky with the stars representing the FC Dallas XI.

The blue body of the shirt fades as it travels south, representing the “blue hues of the Texas horizon”. Or as other clubs supporters will tell them later in the season, it’s the path their MLS Cup hopes will take. Full of hope into the nothingness of the white…

fc-dallas-2017-away-kit-player-kit   fc-dallas-2017-away-kit-full

Inside the blue collar is “The stars at night are big and bright” from Deep in the Heart of Texas.

On the left sleeve is the motif, “LH”, honouring the FC Dallas ‘patriarch’, Lemar Hunt. The back of the shirt is plain white. In the centre of the shoulders, underneath the neckline, features the Lone Star state’s flag.


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