Russia Leave Adidas and Release New Jerseys


Russia have released their new home and away jerseys for 2024 in what is the nation’s first shirt without Adidas since 2009.

The Russian national team has joined forces with Russian manufacturers Jogel. The nation has faced huge controversy since 2021 when Russian forces illegally invaded Ukraine. Russia’s conflict in Ukraine saw many consequences, with many bans in regards to sport and business being put in place.

Russia had to withdraw from the European Championship 2024 qualifiers. The new shirts will be worn in friendly matches against Serbia and Paraguay on 21st and 25th March.

The home jersey is a classic red with a firebird feather design on the front of the shirt. Russia’s away jersey is a white with a lovely front of shirt graphic included.


Russia had previous deals with Adidas, Nike and Reebok but a new era has begun with Jogel.

Football fans will be keeping an eye on further releases. UEFA ended its blanket ban on Russian football in 2023 ended as the U-17 side was allowed to participate in fixtures. It is yet to be seen what the future will hold in regards to UEFA and the Russia senior side.


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