Raith Rovers Release Charity-Linked 2016/17 Away Kit

Raith Rovers, who finished fourth in last season’s Scotland’s Ladbrokes Championship, have released their 2016/17 away kits. Unusually in the professional game, The Rovers have held over their home kit for a second season.


Raith Rovers 2016/17 Away Kit

This is the Raith Rovers away kit for the 2016/17 season.

Raith Rovers Away Kit 2016-17 Banner

Launched at Stark Park this week, Puma has come up with a striking design for the kit. The shirts are predominantly white and red.

Raith Rovers Away Kit 2016-17 Chest

The body of the front of the shirt sits a series of horizontal red and white diagonal striped bands.

The differing thickness of the red stripes, thick at the top through to pinstripe in the bottom band, gives the sense of a fading red shades down the body of the shirt.

Raith Rovers Away Kit 2016-17 Solo

A white winged collar gives way to a curved v-shape neckline. The shoulder area and sleeves are bright red with a blue panel from the neckline to the cuffs.


The shorts are solid navy blue with a thick white stripe down the outside of each leg of the shorts. The socks are white with navy blue and red hoops.

To their credit, Raith Rovers organised a prize draw to allocate the primary shirt sponsor. Long-standing (suffering!) Raith supporter, Douglas Roberts, won and nominated the bone marrow cancer charity, Myeloma UK.

Raith Rovers Away Kit 2016-17

The logo of secondary shirt sponsors, MacGregor Solicitors, features in a white panel across the shoulder area of the back of the shirt, standing out against the solid, bright red design.


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