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Pellador FC are Changing the Football Fashion Game


Pellador FC is an Irish fashion brand which has taken heavy inspiration from football. Founded in 2022 by Greg Hall, Pellador has created a collection of beautiful knitted jumpers inspired by European football teams.

Pellador’s designs take inspiration from clubs jerseys from the 1990’s and the 200’s such as Inter Milan, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and the Republic of Ireland national team

Speaking to RTE, founder Hall spoke about his story: “My whole childhood, I was really into soccer.

I spent so much time as a kid staring at soccer jerseys and holding them up to study them; I used to lay them out on the floor and look at them over and over again.

It’s more about newer designs that referencing old ones, but I think at the beginning, at least it wasn’t for football fans, it was more for fashion people who were interested in the design elements.”

The past year has seen Pellador continue to grow strong, with the Irish company being another brilliant example of football and fashion joining forces.


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