Nike’s Astounding EA Sports Mercurial Boots On Sale

Nike‘s Mercurial Superfly X EA Sports boots are released tomorrow and the limited edition boots will be highly sought-after. Just 1,500 pairs of the boots will be made available globally and each pair will be individually numbered on the heel.


The boots are tied into the launch of FIFA 17 and has been some time in the making.

Nike Mercurial Superfly X EA Boots

These are the Nike Mercurial Superfly X EA limited edition boots:


The medial side of the boot features a pixellated pattern, resembling a 16-bit graphic. On the lateral side, there is a high-definition ribbed design. This pattern features a blue and pink colour scheme.

The heel and sockliner are both vivid orange and as well as the limited edition number, has an EA Sports logo. The bag features a pixellated pattern, including the Nike Swoosh.



A unique Mercurial logo was created for this boot and together with the stylish box and bag, it makes an occasion of the boot’s release.


Through the laces, there is a gold thread with reflective plating, as well as an EA Sports logo, to complete the patterning on the upper.

The soleplate is multi-coloured as is the outersole.

It’s a unique boot and one which acknowledges the technology tie-in.



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