Costa Rica Release 2018-19 Kit by New balance

“Its simplicity will stun”.

With the 2018 World Cup on the horizon and all teams racing to show off their kit designs, we turn our head to Costa Rica, Central America’s most successful international team and who have released both their home and away kits, designed by New Balance, a company which likes to stand out.



The historic red home kit has been released with the slogan of ‘Declare Your DNA’ and promotes the concept on the front of the tops with swirling lines underneath the base red colour. The shoulders are simple, with a strike leading to the neckline which is highlighted with a red collar.

The away top is equally as simplistic in the most effective way – black and white. Still carrying the DNA trend, the away kit brings a heavier black contrast onto the shoulders, from the bottom of the sleeves all the way up to the neckline.

Where the white stripes appear on the home kit, the away has  a gold stripe on either side, making the away colours: white, black, and gold in order of appearance amount.


The two logos – New Balance and Costa Rica fit perfectly onto the front of the two kit tops and bring the design to a simplistic cadence.

Watch out for these two stunning designs at the upcoming World Cup, Costa Rica hope to bring their Central American flair and stun audiences across Russia.


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