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Napoli’s 2022-2023 Christmas Kit: A Festive Delight or a Fashion Fiasco?

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In a bold release, at around this time last year, SSC Napoli unveiled its highly anticipated 2022-2023 Christmas kit, sparking both admiration and scepticism within the football community. Created in collaboration with their sponsor, EA7, the Christmas jersey was released in a high-end Match version, showcasing a design that undoubtedly captures the festive spirit.

The EA7 SSC Napoli 22-23 Christmas jersey maintains the classic Napoli design with its signature sky-blue colour. However, the incorporation of red accents and a distinctive holiday graphic has brought this kit to the centre stage of the debate. More specifically, the controversy about this football shirt originates because of the shirt’s bottom front, which displays a reindeer with a red nose wearing a Santa’s hat. While the odd imagery of the reindeer adds an element of joy and festivity, aligning with the spirit of the season, many people argue that such bold designs do not belong on the football pitch.

This kit was sported by the children accompanying players ahead of a match in November 2022. Later during the season, the Christmas football shirt made its debut in a friendly against Turkish side Antalyaspor, seemingly giving the shirt an equal number of fans and critics.

In the grand tradition of football fashion, where daring designs and unexpected elements occasionally steal the spotlight, Napoli’s Christmas kit stands as a testament to the team’s ability to surprise us. Whether it’s hailed as a festive triumph or criticised as a fashion fumble, one thing is certain; the SSC Napoli 2022-2023 Christmas kit has sparked a spirited conversation that extends well beyond the pitch, making it a very special jersey.


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