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Manchester United Reveal 2018/19 Third Kit by Adidas

Here at UK Soccer Shop’s blog we’ve brought you the best kits from German, Spanish, English, Scottish, and international teams and today is no different. Nicknamed the Red Devils, Manchester United have had an incredible past under the legendary Alex Ferguson. Fans everywhere will be relieved to know that the Scottish titan is out of intensive care following surgery for a brain haemorrhage and is recovering in hospital. While they may be finishing their season behind their rivals City, the reds will pleased to see their kit set complete with a simple, stylish, environmentally responsible third kit, set to make appearances during the pre-season matches and again in August when competing at the very top of their game.




The main draw for us and the reason why we think it’s great is that it’s made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. We’ve all seen the pictures of the plastic which litters beaches around the world and video footage of sea creatures swimming amongst it and it does make us feel sad, so perhaps responsible sourcing for football kits is the first step on a game-winning journey. Or, alternatively, perhaps this is just a marketing tool to sell more shirts – the more that are sold, the more plastic is recycled.


Aside from the environmentally-friendly aspect of the kit, the design is incredibly appealing. Here at UK Soccer Shop we love a simple design: uncluttered and straight forward. This kit is exactly what we want. On top of the navy base colour, there are lines running vertically down the top, they fade in and fade out through the use of small and slightly larger dark circles.




The red and yellow of the badge usually appearing on previous home kits has been ditched for a more suitable gold, creating a two-colour kit that demonstrates excellence in simplicity.


Manchester United had struggled to get consistent results before managing superstar José Mourinho stepped in, but now the boat looks relatively steady (despite tensions between himself and certain members of his team). Perhaps this third kit will be just what the players need to get themselves over the finish line and lift the PL trophy once more. Or, perhaps the kit will play no part and will simply be a good-hearted gimic.


Either way, we like it!


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