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Finland’s 2018/19 Home Kit by Nike Revealed

Much like the author’s lack of education displayed in yesterday’s post about the Canadian football kit, he couldn’t point to Finland on a map. While that says more about the author and the UK’s education system than it does about the fine country of Finland, they sadly haven’t been able to qualify for the upcoming World Cup. Nevertheless, with the help of Nike, the world-renowned sporting brand, the country have been able to design a beautifully simple and effective kit which makes us here at UK Soccer Shop swoon.


finland_2018_nike_home_kit_a finland_2018_nike_home_kit_b


The kit top is white. And while we have seen everything from awful to amazing, this kit really does hit the mark. The Swoosh and the country’s crest are each boldly displayed across the chest and the sleeves have a medium blue line running across them. The colouring, you could say, is ideal: it only has two, however the way that they’ve been used is incredibly effective.


The nape of the kit top features a ‘T’ shape, and within it is the country’s flag once again.


The collar is perhaps the most important point with the most amount of character. It is somewhere between the classic full-collar that we saw with the Plymouth Argyle home kit and the simple neckline from Aberdeen. It is mostly similar to the Juventus kit which seems to work because of the simplicity it embodies.




While we won’t get to see this lovely kit at the upcoming World Cup in Russia, it will be exciting to watch Markku Kanerva’s side play in future matches, both friendly and competitive. The kit is simple, effective and commemorative of the country’s flag. We love the kit and will be supporting the team’s future endeavours.


(Author’s note: we worked together but we can now pinpoint the country on a map.)


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