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Plymouth Argyle’s 2018/19 Home Kit


Here at UK Soccer Shop we don’t just show you teams from the highest heights of football from the likes of Liverpool or Bayern Munich, we also look at those climbing the league ladders and question their design choices or give praise where it’s due.


They only just missed out on the chance to compete in the play-offs for Championship football next year, their home kit is green and they hail from a point further west than Torquay, but while they can’t change the past, nor the place that they play their home football, the team have worked with Puma to create a first kit which is simple (always a win at UK Soccer Shop) and effective. The kit combines a classic style with modern materials to make a kit worthy of our praise and more than worthy to be run out at Home park on a weekly basis.




While we can get onto the kit colours and finishes in a moment, let’s take a moment to recognise that the main sponsor on the kit top is Ginsters, a company famous for making corner-shop savoury pastries such as the sausage roll, pasty, and steak slice. Hardly a diet fit for a footballer but then who’s to judge?


The kit, simply put, is black green medium stripes which run vertically down the front of the jersey and the back is plain green. The colouring is almost British racing green and the contrast between this and the black is incredibly effective. The colours do work exceptionally well and by deciding not to run the stripes all the way around the back, the designers at Puma have done incredibly well, however our love is the collar, something classic and reminding us of our P.E. rugby days, face down in mud but still wearing that stylish kit top.


The collar comes without a button, open and demonstrating the company’s ability to work with fans to create something excellent.


The shorts and socks are white, matching the collar and completing this look perfectly.
Whoever wins the playoffs and makes it into the Championship will be worthy of their promotion, however we would have loved to have seen Plymouth Argyle back in the second tier of English football with a kit that really does work.


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