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Galatasaray 2018/19 Home Kit by Nike Revealed

They play at the highest level of Turkish football, having just finished first, three points ahead of their historic rivals – Fernebache. Galatasaray have had another wonderful season, competing regularly in their home stadium: The Turk Telecom. While Fatih Terim’s top-table team have been consistently winning, their home kit colours have always been beautiful, full of untamed vibrancy and suitable colours. Their latest kit, designed by Sporting brand superstar Nike gives fans what many want: a traditional half-and-half kit with its vibrancy and suitability fully in tact.


galatasaray_18_19_nike_home_kit_a galatasaray_18_19_nike_home_kit_b


We love the kit but is it a little too simple or is it spot on?

The kit itself features two main colours – orange and a sort of ruby red colour – each complimenting each other. Split vertically down the middle, the kit top comes essentially in two halves and in the middle sits the Turkish flag. On each side of the chest is the Nike Swoosh and club’s crest, adding to the simple, dynamic nature of the jersey.


It is the arms and shoulders where the pattern really features, giving the kit a full dynamic quality and varied effect. The sleeves’ material is a rougher texture, contrasting with the body’s smooth fabric. While still fully breathable, the sleeves simply add something new to the football kit landscape. One further element present on the sleeves is the inverted nature by which they are coloured. Looking at the body colour of the front, the orange side’s sleeve is ruby red and vice versa. This contrasted nature matches the different material of the sleeves and completes the look.


Whether Galatasaray can fend off their historic rivals for another season in the Süper Lig is something that we’ll find out this time next year, one thing however is certain – this kit is a lovely addition to the club’s past hall of fame, certainly not belonging in the hall of shame.


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