FC Maybank Releases Unique Notorious B.I.G Inspired Jersey

FC Maybank, an English non-league club established in 2021, has been making waves in the football shirt enthusiast community. Their recent creation is a jersey that pays homage to legendary 90s rapper, The Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls.

Renowned for his distinctive sense of style, Biggie Smalls remains an enduring fashion icon, particularly celebrated for his knitted sweatshirts. Drawing inspiration from this rap icon, FC Maybank has crafted a stunning multi-colored jersey reminiscent of an iconic photo of the New York rap legend in some dapper attire.

This innovative design follows on from Maybank’s previous success—a jersey inspired by Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of the acclaimed video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Verc recognized for his eye-catching fluorescent turquoise Hawaiian t-shirt.

In addition to their B.I.G. jersey, FC Maybank also released a GTA inspired shirt.

The creativity exhibited by FC Maybank in their jersey designs shows the potential for non-league clubs alike to leave a lasting impression in the football world. Furthermore, by embracing unique and culturally relevant designs, such as those inspired by Biggie Smalls and Tommy Vercetti, clubs like Maybank not only capture attention online but also attract new supporters.

In an era where football culture intertwines with broader popular culture, FC Maybank’s inventive approach to jersey design sets them apart as a club willing to create a distinct identity in the sporting landscape.


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