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FC Hoffenheim Release their 2018/19 Home Kit

They’re playing at the highest heights of German football, the 1. Bundesliga, amongst titans such as Bayern Munich, Schalke 04, and Dortmund (who they have now finished above). While Hoffenheim might have had an incredible season, will their newest blue home kit, supplied by Italian designers, Lotto, push them sky high or send them to the bottom of the deep sea? (the deep sea in this metaphor would be Sunderland levels of relegation).




In a beautiful design, simplicity is what we value highly. If you’ve read enough of these articles, you;re sure to know by now that the simpler, the better, but only if it’s done effectively. Our judgement on this simple kit is that it has been done rather well and its two-tone body and sleeves make it a contender closer to hall of fame, rather than hall of shame.


Earlier today we showed you Heidnheim FC’s kit, it was red and featured a number of vertical lines running up the chest. This pattern gave a subtle dynamic to the kit top and allowed a pinstripe pattern. We made the point that people outside of the footballing world, or even outside of Germany might confuse Heidenheim and Hoffenheim and the lines only add confusion into the boiling pot.




The club’s crest, main sponsor, and designer logo are each highlighted by this subtle pattern and by makign them white on a blue background, the relevant points certainly stand out. From far away this German kit might seem to just be a simple white on blue style, however it is upon closer inspection that this design craftsmanship can be viewed.


Whether the club can finish first next season is a question for a year’s time, but for right now, we must simpyl agree that while it doesn’t do anything drastically bold and outlandish. Lotto have certainly delivered a clean, stylish kit which Hoffenheim will be pleased to see on their pitch.


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