Coritiba 2016 ‘Rosa’ Shirts Unveiled

Brazilian Serie A side Coritiba are the latest to release a pink top in support of the campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. Pink boots are also supplied.

Coritiba Pink Shirt 2016 banner

To be worn in tonight’s match against Fluminense, there will be just 100 copies of the limited edition shirt.

Coritiba v Fluminense Kits 2016

If you’re thinking that the design looks familiar, it’s because Adidas has issued this already for Flamengo. That’s not to criticise club or kit manufacturer for that; it’s a worthy cause and once again the far richer European leagues are embarrassed by their lack of support for the campaign across central and south America.

Coritiba 2016 ‘Rosa’ Kit

This is the Coritiba ‘Rosa’ limited edition kit:

Coritiba Pink Shirt 2016

It’s a plain pink Adidas template. White trim in the form of the trademark Three Stripes running across the shoulder, is couple with a solid white hemline.

The collar and cuffs match and are both pink.

Coritiba Pink Shirt 2016 Three Stripes   Coritiba Pink Shirt 2016 Ltd Edition

Each shirt is numbered, coupled with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on the right bottom corner of the shirt’s front.

On the chest, the club’s badge and Adidas’ logo are printed in white, either side of a white Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.

Coritiba Pink Shirt 2016 badges

The shirts will be sold off with local charities benefitting from the proceeds.


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