Copa America – The Kits Decide The Winners


So here we are: the last four of the Copa America Centenario. And let’s be honest, having a great kit isn’t necessarily a guarantee of quality on the pitch. Truth be known, a decent kit often distracts from deficiencies in the squad. But we don’t care, we still have faith that fashion will win through in the end.

Or if not, a fine team will have to do so.

At the quarter-final stage, we predicted a last four of Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Colombia. Well, OK, the fashion stakes dictated that. Our fiver on Argentina isn’t looking such a bad bet in a football sense.

But we’re not here to worry about that this evening: it’s the kits which matter. And this is how we think the rest of the tournament will pan out if the kits decide!

USA v Argentina

USASomeone please spare us from this Nike template. Frankly, only the French have made this look good but they, like the Italians, could look good wearing a bin bag. The USA and England? Sorry, it just doesn’t work.

They almost pulled it off with the away kit but the alternate red and blue sleeves doesn’t quite work. It could have been worse; the blue might have been white. Ouch.

argentina-home-2016-1As for Argentina, well, if you aren’t drooling over the players, you have to love the kit. Some may argue that the Hand of God spoils it but let’s remember that goal rather than the controversy.

And this summer, they have, on the pitch, been the ultimate destructive force with goals coming from everywhere.

But the shirt? It’s a footballing classic and one which casts envious and admiring glances when you see it on the street.

Result: A comfortable win by Argentina. 3 – 0, the best shirt, shorts and socks.

Colombia v Chile

ColombiaA tough match to decide on pure fashion stakes, if we’re honest.

Colombia‘s homage to the kits worn during their first internationals are frankly superb. Adidas went back to a tried and tested template for the kit design and came up with a surefire winner.

A clean white design, with the blue small winged collar and an open v-neck is outstanding in its simplicity. Sometimes, just have a straightforward shirt is the answer to it all.

Chile 2016 copa america centenario kitWhich is exactly the attitude that defending champions Chile took on producing their kit for this summer’s tournament. It’s simply stunning.

The cut of the cloth, with the blue stripe on the home and away shirts, oozes athleticism. Thankfully, the cut for the replica kit is a little more generous…

The design carried through to the shorts in both cases caused us a problem with deciding the best. It’s definitely gone to a shootout.

Result: Chile, on penalties.

In the Chile v Argentina final, it’s one-way traffic for the Chileans. Victorious over Argentina last summer, they repeat the feat this summer. Really? You doubt that judgement? When Alexis Sanchez makes it look this good…

Chile Home


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