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Boca Juniors “Swedish Inspired” Third Shirt 2024 Leaked

Boca Juniors Third Shirt for 2024 has been leaked. The jersey, designed by Adidas has been leaked by @xeneizesdv.

The striking jersey, crafted by Adidas, makes a bold statement with its design, drawing inspiration from the Swedish flag. The shirt features a sophisticated dark navy complemented by vibrant yellow accents that run throughout, creating a visually appealing and distinctive strip.

The badge of the iconic Argentinian club also comes from the Swedish flag. In 1906, Boca Juniors played Nottingham de Almagro in nearly identical shirts, leading to a match to determine ownership. Boca lost and adopted the colours of the first ship at La Boca’s port, a Swedish one, resulting in the adoption of yellow and blue as their team colours.

Boca Juniors, an iconic Argentinian football club, has consistently garnered immense popularity among football enthusiasts and shirt collectors worldwide. With the leaked images of their latest third shirt circulating, the anticipation surrounding its official release is gaining more popularity amongst the jersey collector space.

While Boca Juniors faced challenges in their domestic league campaign last season, finishing mid-table, their journey in the Copa Libertadores added a compelling narrative to their story. Despite reaching the final, the club fell short of securing the coveted title, experiencing a narrow 2-1 defeat to the Brazilian side Fluminense.

Boca Juniors begin their league campaign on January 28th against Plantense, with the club hoping to win their 36th title.


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