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Algeria 2016-2017 National Team Unveil New Kits

The Algerian National team have unveiled their new Home and Away Kits at their official launch today. These two kits are a fantastic effort by Adidas for the 2016/2017 campaign.

The new Algeria 2016/2017 Home Shirt is very much based on the Adidas Molin 16 Teamwear, which as a side note is also used by Pameiras. The shirt which has a standard v-collar is mostly white with some bold green running through it with a line of red bringing all the colours of the Algeria National flag together.
The Algeria Shirt looks stylish and very unique. The federation emblem and Adidas logo on either breast give the design an extra something.
The home kit is completed with white shorts and socks. A really great effort by Adidas.

White shorts and white socks complete the new Algeria Home Kit.

This is the new Algeria Away Jersey.


Based on the Adidas Regista 16 shirt the new Algeria 2016/2017 away design combines a predominantly green colour scheme with white stripes and again the red running through it just like the home shirt to make sure all the colours of the Algerian flag are represented.

Green shorts and socks finish off this beautiful kit. Algeria and Adidas have given us two fantastic new kits with this unveiling.

What do you think of the new Algeria 2016/2017 kits?


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