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A Closer Look at Olympique Lyon’s New 2023-2024 Third Kit by Street Artist Simon Poter

Dive into the vibrant intersection of art and football as Olympique Lyon, the renowned French football club, unveils its extraordinary new third kit for the 2023-2024 season. This jersey is not a conventional uniform, as it strongly reminds us of a canvas of creativity, all thanks to the ingenious design by French street artist Simon Poter. Designed with bright colours and captivating geometric patterns, the kit comprises a dark blue jersey adorned with a lively graphic, complemented by blue shorts and socks. 

Founded in 1950, Olympique Lyonnais, also known as Lyon FC, is a football club based in Lyon, France. With a history spanning over seven decades, Lyon has clinched numerous national titles, notably seven consecutive Ligue 1 victories from 2002 to 2008. The club’s power extends to European competitions, as they consistently showcase their competitive spirit.

Despite having some quality players such as Rayan Cherki, Alexandre Lacazette and Maxence Caqueret, who are also expected to don the new kits, this season has proven very challenging for Lyon FC in Ligue 1, with only one victory in their first 14 matches. Positioned at the 18th place in the league table, a spot that could lead to relegation by the season’s end, Lyon FC faces an uphill battle. Despite this setback, the team is determined to mount a comeback in the remaining matches. By wearing both of their classic white uniforms and the creative kits designed by Simon Poter, Lyon FC aspires to turn the tide and secure more favourable results in the ongoing season.
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