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Magdeburg FC’s 2018/19 Home Kit Revealed

Here at UK Soccer Shop we love German football, whatever league, however the team’s season is going. Their safe-standing areas are something completely alien to the new generations of English football fans, so every trip to Augsburg or Leipzig is exciting and energised. The reason we mention safe-standing is that UK parliament are discussing the topic this Friday in the House of Commons and the reason we mentioned German football is that FC Magdeburg have released their 2018/19 home kit right off the back of gaining promotion to 2. Bundesliga. What we think of the kit – we aren’t quite sure yet, but it certainly isn’t the worst kit we’ve seen and the design’s simplicity works for a club like Magdeburg.




The blue body of the top is dictated by the club’s colours – blue and white, with the designer logo: Uhlsport and the club’s crest at the top and sponsor: FAM in the middle, slightly lower.


Running down diagonally from the neck of the jersey is a large white stripe, almost like a sash for Miss World, highlighting the designer logo – a smart move on their part to gain recognition perhaps?


There are a number of thinner, faded lines which run parallel to the large stripe and give the top a more rounded look. It could be argued that these stripes distract attention from the crest and sponsor but without them, the top would look more than a little empty.




At the bottom of the jersey running equally parallel to the lines is the club’s name in the same fade-white style multiple times. It certainly makes the jersey appear more finished and complete, also it could help referees identify the correct team. Possibly.


The sleeves remain blue, rather than carrying the large stripe across, and they’re tapered at the bottom with a white band of material. While the kit is very simple, it is quite effective and it’s a more complete look than many kit tops .


FC Magdeburg will be excited to play in the next tier up of German football and hopefully they survive and flourish. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them in their new home kit.


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