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AFC Sunderland’s 2019/20 Concept Kits have Arrived

Sunderland FC’s Wishful Concept Kits are Here.


For us here at UK Soccer Shop, today has been a day of concept kits. We started with Arsenal’s, then moved on to Brentford, and now, let’s turn our attention towards Sunderland. To be a Sunderland fan has, in recent years, been tough. This author is an Ipswich Town fan, but even that’s not the same as seeing your team go from competing in the Premier League, to League One football. Despite this sporadic fall from grace, the club is currently sat in third place. Could this be the season to see them back into the Championship? Who knows. Furthermore, if that were to happen, what kits are they likely to be wearing? That’s what we’re interested in.


Concept kits rarely materialise as anything more than a dream. Often they’re designed better than what is actually released, and certainly AFC Sunderland’s concept kits are pushing the envelope.



The home jersey is white and red. This isn’t groundbreaking. Three white lines run across the shoulders and there’s a break on the chest for the sponsor. Apart from that, it’s a pretty standard home kit for them.


Sunderland’s away jersey, however, is blue. Running horizontally across the chest is a white and red section. The white lines across the shoulders feature, however the simple neckline is bordered with white and red. This blue, white and red design certainly goes down well with us. What do you think?

Finally, the club’s third kit. It’s a bright yellow design with blue lines running across the shoulders and faded stripes running up the front of the kit. These stripes materialise at the top, and to us, the kit feels slightly incomplete. Furthermore, the bottom of each sleeve is bordered with a well-contrasted dark blue.



Our favourite of the three has to be the away one. Now to wait and see if Adidas take any of these ideas on board.




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