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FC Porto Reveal Their 2018/19 Away Kit from New Balance

A Stunning Away Kit from Porto, the Titans of Portuguese Football.


When we first think of Portugal in relation to football, we think about Christiano Ronaldo. He dominated the Premier League with Manchester United and broke English hearts at the 2006 World Cup (we’re talking about THAT wink – which was almost certainly just the player blinking). Then we look towards the Primeira Liga, the Portuguese Premier League. Two teams which are constantly fighting it out at the top of which are Porto and Benfica. The latter has won four titles in the previous five campaigns and the former is who we’re concerned about today. They’ve teamed up with New Balance to craft an excellent away kit.


fc_porto_18_19_new_balance_away_kit_1 fc porto 18_19_new_balance_away_kit_2


We originally saw the club’s home kit and thought the white and blue vertical stripes were excellent. Fans received the design positively and the kit’s reflection of Porto’s extensive heritage went down a treat. Is the away kit just as effective? Yes? Does it push in a different direction to the home kit, still achieving the desired effect? Yes. Absolutely.




The first thing to say about Porto’s away jersey is that it’s grey. While this sentence might dampen the mood, fear not, this drab colouring is contrasted perfectly with a bright shade of yellow. Furthermore, this grey canvas allows for the club’s crest to positively stand out. Running diagonally around the simple neckline are two bright yellow stripes. These give the kit its necessary character and only enhance the completeness of the design. Furthermore, on the reverse of Porto’s jersey the nape is positively utilised. It holds two words: FC Porto.




As well as the positive aesthetic appearance of Porto’s away jersey, it incorporates New Balance’s cutting-edge breathable technology. This technology allows players to both look confident and feel calm and collected when chasing down that title win.


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