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Real Madrid Reveals Their 2018/19 Away Kit by Adidas

Real Madrid Survives Without Ronaldo and Their Latest Kits are Excellent.


Two months ago Spain was steadily crashing out of the World Cup. Furthermore, Russia were surely being keenly eyed by the doping officials. At the time, Spanish fans were turning their attention towards club football, more specifically, La Liga. Those that support Barcelona would have thought that this season would be a simple one. Without Ronaldo in Real Madrid’s arsenal, surely the path was laid for them. Supporters of Real Madrid would have had an agitated end of summer, wondering whether the hole that the footballing superstar left could ever be filled. We’re five games in and Real Madrid are currently sat in second place. Sure, they’ll want the title, but it’s an excellent start to the season for Florentino Perez.


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To help boost them into first place (if a kit can ever do that), the club has teamed up with Adidas, one of our favourite kit designers, to craft an excellent away kit. Back in May we showed you the club’s stunning home kit. Granted, that’s a while ago, but there’s no time like the present to show you Real Madrid’s away jersey.




The kit is a charcoal colouring. This author is slightly colour blind which isn’t helpful, but it’s certainly in the darker shades of grey. Sat on top of this simple colouring is the club’s crest, Adidas’ logo, and the club’s main sponsor. Furthermore, while the kit doesn’t feature an eye-catching pattern, it does have three light grey stripes running across the shoulders. These stripes are a trademark design decision from Adidas.




While the kit appears rather sparse, Real Madrid’s away jersey makes up for any design shortfalls with an abundance of breathable technology. This breathability allows the players to feel their most comfortable, even when under pressure to chase down the league title.


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