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Inter Milan Reveal Their 2018/19 Third Kit From Nike

Inter Milan Are Hoping to Climb the Table With A Third Kit from Nike


At the end of their 2017/18 campaign, Inter Milan finished in fourth place. This was behind Roma, Napoli, and Juventus. As a result, Luciano Spalletti will hope that his team can climb the table and finish higher in their 2018/19 season. Three games in and the club is sat in seventh place. While this isn’t cause for concern at all, fans will hope to see Inter Milan climb the competitive table sooner rather than later. To help them do so, Inter Milan has teamed up with Nike to create their home, away, and third kits.


inter_milan_18_19_nike_third_kit_a inter milan 18_19_nike_third_kit_b


The third kit is white and features Nike’s 2018/19 trademark, physical pattern across the sleeves. This pattern gives the jersey character and acts as a positive contrast to the design on the front of the jersey. The pattern on the Inter Milan jersey’s body is a swirling grey one surrounding a dominating St. George’s cross. This cross can also be seen on Milan”s coat of arms.


The swirling grey pattern seems to enhance the cross and perhaps suggests the fluidity of life in the Italian city. Then again, it might just be a pattern to give the kit further character and shape.




On the nape of Inter Milan’s jersey is a bright yellow rectangle. This provides a positive contrast to the dull grey and white seen on the rest of the jersey.


Finally, we should mention the logos on the front of the jersey. Within the centre of the cross sits the club’s main sponsor: Pirelli. On the top two quadrants of white are both the club’s crest and Nike’s iconic Swoosh.




With the arrival of Christiano Ronaldo into Serie A, it will be interesting to see how the league takes shape.


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