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Inter Milan Have Released Their 2018/19 Away Kit by Nike

Last week we showed you Inter Milan’s beautiful home kit. Now it’s time to show you the away one.


They compete at the very top of Serie A, their head coach is Luciano Spalletti, and they play at the legendary San Siro Stadium. While that might be common knowledge around most of the world, this author just wanted to make sure he knew and everyone else reading it did too.

They finished their 2017/18 season in 4th place, behind Roma and well behind Juventus. While Italian football might be some of the most enthralling, captivating, and competitive football on the planet, the nation have had to sit quietly and watch other nations in the World Cup. Once the competition is finished, Inter Milan fans will look towards the transfer window and what the club’s season is shaping up to look like.


inter milan inter_milan_2018_2019_nike_away_kit_b


What they’ll see is a brand new away kit. One that combines Nike’s popular sleeve pattern, simple colouring, and a couple of design characteristics that make this jersey very special.


This away kit is white, blue and black.


The white body has an under-pattern of diamonds. Something that is only noticeable up-close. Over the shoulders and across the sleeves is a pattern that Nike has made famous this season. It’s a digital-looking pattern, made up of short and tall lines. We have seen it feature on several kits that Nike have designed and it creates a really positive, dynamic look.




The grass snake is Inter Milan’s representative animal. It features inside the club’s crest and on this kit, it can be seen on the nape of the jersey, between blue and black lines.


Inter Milan will hope to come out of next season in a better position than they finished their 2017’18 campaign. Perhaps not beating Juventus to the top spot but at least competing to get there.


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