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Bulgaria Have Revealed Their 2018/19 Home Kit by Joma

Where Are Bulgaria in the World? Are They Good at Football? What Does Their Latest Home Kit Look Like?


Bulgaria is a country that borders both Romania to the North and Turkey to the South. The country has a population of over 7.1 million people, the capital is Sofia, and the country’s flag is made up of the colours: white, green, and red. Since 1990, Bulgaria’s population has steadily declined. Experts say this decline is caused by low fertility rates and mass emigration due to an economic crash during the 1990s. While learning about a country is interesting, we also want to know about their football.


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Despite being ranked 47th in the world, the country failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. They missed out on the action and Petar Hubchev will want to see an improvement over the next few months. To help them do so, the country has teamed up with Joma to craft a very simple home kit that still positively represents the country.




The jersey is white. While in the past we’ve held our breath – brought on by New York Cosmos’ 2018/19 away kit, there’s no need for Bulgaria’s latest jersey. The chest is dominated by the country’s coat of arms: a rampant, gold lion set within a red shield. Diagonally across from the coat of arms is Joma’s logo. While the coat of arms and the design logo do work well together, they are a little close together. Leaving a wide open space underneath.


The neckline is a semi-classic collar that remains untapered. Furthermore, no tapering features on either of the sleeves.




On the nape is a seemingly cross-stitched pattern which is coloured the same as the flag. This gives the kit a slightly more rustic appearance. Finally, the white, green, and red also features on the front of the neckline.




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