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St. Pauli Have Revealed Their 2018/19 Third Kit by Under Armour

St. Pauli are the Bad Boys of Hamburg. Here’s Their Latest Third Kit


German football is in a strange place right now. Them crashing out early made the tournament more exciting. Then England crashed out and it became even more thrilling. Either way, Germany went into the competition with a huge amount of confidence which was shattered. There will need to be a huge amount of rebuilding and what better way to do so that through the Bundesliga. The first division of the Bundesliga is dominated by teams like Juventus, Dortmund, and Wolfsburg. The second is much more competitive and, from an outsider’s perspective – open. That’s where St. Pauli play and they’ll be hoping for a higher finish than the 12th place of last season. Some fans might also be hoping for promotion. A wild fantasy? They’re currently in ninth place. You tell us whether promotion is just a dream.


st_pauli_18_19_under_armour_third_kit_a st. pauli 8_19_under_armour_third_kit_b


To push them up the table and in the hopes of inspiring both fans and players, the club has released their 2018/19 third kit. Designed by Under Armour, the kit is simple with a few design features that are both subtle and effective.


The kit is black. Or charcoal as some might prefer. Horizontally across the chest is a grey pattern. This pattern highlights the club’s crest and Under Armour’s logo in the shape of two eyes. Yep. Definitely a pair of eyes.


st_pauli_18_19_under_armour_third_kit_e st_pauli_18_19_under_armour_third_kit_c


Underneath this chest pattern sits the club’s main sponsor: Congstar. A mobile network popular in Germany.


The neckline of the kit is simple and features a ‘V’ shape at the front. On the nape of the kit is a multi-colour line, using all the colours of the rainbow. It has been interpreted by most as a reflection of St. Pauli’s dedication to same-sex pride and the many backgrounds of their fanbase.


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