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Adidas Reveal New UEFA Nations’ League Football

If you’re an Ipswich Town fan reading this, which, let’s face it, you’re not. You’ll feel quite relaxed after the weekend. Ipswich Town played the East Anglian derby yesterday, as of writing this, and it was a draw. The Tractor Boys haven’t beaten Norwich City since 2009. Despite the first goal from Ipswich, their wait for both a win this season, and a win against Norwich continues. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about international football. Don’t switch off just yet. UEFA are trying to eliminate friendlies. How? Through something called the Nations’ League.


As UEFA and many fans see it, international friendlies can damage football. The quality drops because there is very little to play for. Therefore friendlies almost become meaningless. At best they’re an inaccurate indicator of a team’s realistic performance. At worst they’re a waste of time.


uefa Nations' League


placed into leagues of twelve which are subdivided into “pots” of four. The leagues and pots are based on the country’s UEFA ranking. Once teams in each group have played eachother, the top teams are promoted and the bottom – relegated. The promoted teams, or “elite” as UEFA have branded them, will play against eachother in for the title.


Why have we mentioned this tournament? Furthermore, why have we taken this long in explaining it? The reason is because Adidas have just released the design for the UEFA Nations’ League football. It’s bright, colourful, eye-catching, and elevant. What do you think?




The ball is roughly based on the World Cup ball. Panelled, however this one features more vibrant colour. The colours that feature are a meshing together of those representing each country. Also, the pattern is semi-faded, giving the Nations’ League ball more character.


We at UK Soccer Shop are exciting to see how this new international tournament pans out. Furthermore, we are looking forward to seeing this football in action.


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