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Andorra Have Revealed Their 2018/19 Home Kit by Macron

What do we want? Bright kits. When do we want them? Now, preferably. You know we love kits that when they’re slid across our desk, our eyes pop out of our head. Whether well-designed or not, they make us feel compelled to write about them. Today is a day where we have a bright, bold, eye-catching kit that is actually gorgeous. But to whom does it belong? The answer to that is Andorra. Before we get down to looking at the kit, let’s talk about Andorra. This particular author didn’t know too much before sitting down to write this piece. Every day is a school day.


With a population of 77,000, Andorra is described as a “Tiny principality situated between France and Spain.” More people live in Glasgow (550,000) than in Andorra. It is the perfect place for outdoor adventures including skiing. The men’s football team is currently ranked 188th in the world which is why you might not have seen them at the 2018 World Cup.


andorra_18_19_macron_home_kit_a andorra 18_19_macron_home_kit_b


Despite their lack of footballing pedigree, let’s take a look at their home kit. Afterall, we’ve hyped it up enough.


The body of the jersey is bright red. No considerate, neutral tones in sight. The pattern across the front of the jersey is made up of vertical, physical lines, creating a graph effect. This gives the kit top character and allows for essential depth.




The neckline is simple. It is built up slightly on either side with yellow and blue. The colouring is significant because the three make up the club’s crest. The bottom of each of the sleeves is tapered with yellow and blue. They are not rounded at the bottom. Instead, they take on a rather awkward-looking shape.


So far, the kit has been positively received by fans of Andorra. Keep your eyes peeled for more Andorra facts, as well as their away kit.


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