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West Bromwich Albion Have Released Their 2018/19 Home Kit from Puma

In 2017 West Bromwich Albion finished their Premier League campaign in 10th place. This certainly wasn’t a bad finishing position for the team. Their 2018 season came to an end with certain relegation. They were dropped down into the second tier of English football with Stoke City and Swansea. Whether they can gain straight promotion is yet to be seen. In their first Championship game the Baggies won a 4-3 victory over the mighty Norwich City. It was a compelling game and in the last few minutes it appeared as if Norwich might just equalise in an excellent comeback. It was not to be.


To aid them in their Championship promotional battle, the club have teamed up with Puma to craft a simple, eye-catching kit that is reflective of the club’s extensive heritage. We showed you the club’s latest away kit but let’s now explore the design of their home one.


west bromwich albion west_bromwich_albion_2018_2019_puma_home_kit_b


The kit sees the return of the large blue and white stripes. This is reminiscent of the kit worn by the club towards the end of the 1970s.


The bottom of each sleeve is tapered with blue and the neckline is perhaps the most interesting point.


Today we explored AC Milan’s home kit with a single button collar. Here we see the concept once again. It is similar to a polo top and pushes the idea of heritage in front of our face.




Released with the motto: Albion Family, the kit is completed by white shorts and white socks. West Bromwich Albion’s socks have a blue tapering at the top, whereas the shorts have a thick line down each of the sides.


When a kit design is released to the fans, it often does well if it reflects the club’s history. This one has been received almost entirely positively, perhaps due to the reflection of heritage.


We at UK Soccer Shop really like this kit. What do you think?


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