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Wigan Athletic Reveal Their 2018/19 Away Kit by Puma

They’re back. Just like the Backstreet boys – again. Wigan Athletic finished their 2017/18 season on an absolute high. We at UK Soccer Shop imagine that when you’re a footballer, there are few joys better than receiving promotion. And that’s exactly what happened to Wigan Athletic. Next season, which starts in a matter of days, Wigan will be back in the Championship and competing amongst names like Ipswich Town, Norwich City, and Aston Villa. Last week we showed you their home kit. It was the measured, careful approach taken by Puma that attracted our eye. We loved the complimenting colours and the stylish design. Now they’re back with an away kit that reflects the club’s heritage and also bursts onto the scene with more complimenting colour.


The kit top is yellow. Not bright, hurt-your-eyes yellow, but a strong colour all the same. The style is very similar to a polo top, featuring a semi-classic collar, and blue tapering just above the bottoms of the sleeves. Across the front of the jersey are a series of vertical, blue, thin lines. These lines give it some much needed depth and any sort of shape.


 wigan athletic


Dominating the front of the jersey is the club’s crest, Puma’s logo, and Wigan Athletic’s main sponsor: DW Fitness First. Furthermore, on the back of the kit is another sponsor – 3PL.


Across the shoulders and down to the bottom of the sleeves is a blue-filled area. This completes the kit nicely, and also features Puma’s logo on the edge of each shoulder.




While the kit itself has been mostly positively received, what we like is the promotional pictures. Gavin Massey has been told to, “cheer like you’ve just scored a goal.” His mouth and arms say he’s scored, his eyes tell us it was an own goal.


We at UK Soccer Shop love this kit, but what do you think?



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