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Norwich City Have Released their 2018/19 Home Kit by Errea

The author of this piece is an Ipswich Town fan. He’s trying desperately not to write anything negative about Norwich City because he quite likes this job. Also, the author was born in Ipswich, a fact he often tries to hide.


Norwich City are a club based in East Anglia. Their famous supporters include the fictitious Alan Partridge, the sports pundit Jake Humphrey, and the culinary megastar Delia Smith. Their 2017/18 season was a little topsy turvy to say the least. During the three month period between the end of March and the beginning of May, the club had three different managers. The third, Alex Farke managed to steady the yellow and green ship and survive the Championship season. As Norwich fans breath a huge canary sigh of relief and settle in to watch England take on Colombia tomorrow, the club have teamed up with Errea to create a new home kit.


We at UK Soccer Shop love it.




Of course the colouring was going to be yellow and green. That’s a given. The main body of the kit top yellow, with two under arm patches of green running to the bottom. While this flash of green is excellent, it’s the pattern across the shoulders that is truly captivating.


A number of white and green triangles explode across the shoulders and onto the sleeves. This pattern is simple and dynamic, bringing the eyes’ attention up to the top of the jersey. As well as the pattern across the shoulders, Errea decided on green tapering at the bottom of the sleeves. This tapering completes the look in a simple way. We absolutely love it.




Errea have also opted for a simple neckline. Ditching any ideas about a classic collar, instead choosing a tapered green neckline to finish what is an excellent kit.


It pains this author to say it but it’s a lovely kit.


For the sake of balance, here’s Ipswich Town’s kits.


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