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Celta de Vigo Release Their 2018/19 Home Kit by Adidas

Galicia is an incredible region. Its capital city – Santiago de Compostella is flocked to by thousands of pilgrims every week. The region sits inside Spain but also rests against Portugal’s border. While we could talk for pages and pages about why the region, populated by 3,000,000 people is incredible, instead, we’d like to show you a new kit. Celta de Vigo’s.


Celta de Vigo play at the very highest heights of Spanish football: La Liga. It sees them compete weekly with the titans of Barcelona and Madrid. They play at the Balaidos stadium and are managed by the very capable Antonio Mohammed.


celta de vigo


At the end of last season Celta de Vigo finished their 2017/18 run in 13th place. Not exactly a title-contending position, but still, plenty to build on.


Their latest kit is bright, simple, and elegant. Not something that can be said for many kits. It is sponsored by one of the best beers in the world and was modelled in some of the most awkward press release photos that we’ve seen. The handshake that the two players have been asked to hold just looks a little odd.


It’s blue. Not the deep colouring of Everton, but instead, closer to the sky-blue of Manchester City. It could be described as baby blue.




Across the shoulders sits Adidas’ trademark stripes. They reach across the shoulders and up to the neckline.


There is no built-up collar that reflects the heritage of the club, instead, the front chooses a more modern option. A button, to allow any extra ventilation necessary.


Apart from these minor design flairs, there isn’t too much else to say about Celta de Vigo’s kit top. We think it has great colouring and all the ingredients for a practical kit top. However, is it a little underwhelming? Is the kit enough to keep fans satisfied? Most have taken to social media to express ambivalence towards the new home kit, most are just hoping for an improvement on their 2017/18 season.




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