Union Berlin’s 2018/19 Home Kit by Macron Revealed

Berlin is famous for so many things. The vibrant culture, the extensive history, and its sporting prowess. Usually boasted as the city’s team, Hertha Berlin finished their 2017/18 season in 10th place of the Bundesliga 1. While Hertha might be the titans in the city, there is another. Union Berlin, a team playing in the 2. Bundesliga and having existed under the current name only since 1966. While Union Berlin might not be as successful as their older sibling, they have just released a home kit that is both incredibly stylish, wile also remaining stunningly simple.


We really love the latest kit and hope that you do too. Peel your eyes away from the World Cup for just two minutes and gaze upon its gorgeous design. Yes we know South Korea are playing Sweden today. Yes we heard the training story too. But just take a look.


union berlinunion_berlin_18_19_macron_home_kit_b


The kit is red. That’s an excellent start. Sometimes we’ll say “it’s purple”, and we can feel your collective sigh and the words “here we go” on your lips. But not this time. This time it’s nice and simple.


The material fully incorporates breathable technology. More specifically: micro-mesh inserts. This allows the player to receive maximum ventilation at all times. Wherever they might be in Germany and whatever pressure they face, they’ll be kept cool and calm.

Running vertically on the front of the kit top are some medium stripes. These are barely noticeable and make you question whether they’re actually there. They are and give the jersey an extra design dynamic.




The red, as you’ve seen, is accessorised with white running down the sleeves and under the arms. Its only step outside of this colour scheme is with the club’s crest – featuring some yellow.


Union Berlin are arguably the city’s secondary team. Whatever your views on them, their latest home kit is excellent. Very nicely created by Macron, a design company who have shown us so many great kits in the past.


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