The Very Best Kits You’ll See at the World Cup 2018

The World Cup 2018 is about to kick off.

Depending when you’re reading this, England might not have played a game, they might be struggling in the group stages, or they’ve crashed out in spectacular fashion in a decisive game against Panama. Three things are certain – If you have Welsh/Irish/Scottish friends on social media they’ll treat every England loss as their own team’s victory, you will end up with an A3 wallchart, and you’re going to see some excellent kits.

Might these well-designed jerseys power the team to victory? Certainly not. They will however become legendary if the nation decides they’d quite like to win that famed trophy.

So who are our contenders?

5) Iceland’s Away Kit


We all know why we’re rooting for them. They’re the team that broke English hearts at the 2016 Euros and brought Motherwell’s iconic ‘thunderclap’ to a national stage. We love them, especially because their manager, Heimir Hallgrímsson, is a dentist. The away kit’s white body has a stylish red-to-blue fade across the sleeves that is simply stunning. Errea, the Italian sportswear company have designed many football kits, few better than Iceland’s away kit.

4) Australia’s Home Kit


They’re currently judged 36th in the world and have been eager to recover from their 100th place ranking in 2014. While group C might be an incredibly tough one to be in, the Socceroos will certainly be looking to make a splash. If they can achieve runner up status behind France, they’ll be very hard. But competition will be tough. Their home kit is bright yellow. Of course it is. The sleeves have black, animalistic lines which give the kit the perfect dynamism without looking like a bumble bee.

3) Senegal’s Away Kit 

World Cup 2018

It had to be mentioned, didn’t it? The Lions of Teranga is their nickname and their kit encapsulates the pride of such a majestic animal. The jersey itself is green, matching the colour seen on the national crest. While we at UK Soccer Shop have seen several green kits in our time, Senegal’s away kit is certainly special. An artistic version of a lions face leers out the chest of this kit. Apart from the white on the sleeves, there isn’t too much to point out but we’ll be cheering them on from the comfort of our sofas.

2) Sweden’s Away Kit


It’s gorgeous. The deep blue with a checker board pattern and vertical lines is an instantly winning concept. But Adidas have put their trademark stripes across the shoulders in yellow which really completes the look. Sweden are listed as underdogs who could be potential winners of the World Cup 2018. Whether this is true or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

1)  Nigeria’s Home Kit


You know we had to put it at number one. Anyone even taking a cursory interest has to admit that it’s a bold, stunning-looking kit. The white and lime green really work well together and seem to explode with well-designed colours. The black across the sleeves completes the look and maybe, just maybe, we could be looking at the first African team to ever win the World Cup. Maybe not, but this kit would look fantastic lifting the trophy.


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