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Nigeria Reveal 2018/19 Home and Away Kits by Nike

Here are some fabulous facts about Nigeria. Firstly, it is the most populous country in Africa, with over 160 million people living there, secondly, it has the longest bridge in Africa, and finally, it is one of the countries who have qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The country prides itself on their vibrant culture and extensive heritage (some of the earliest human beings are from the country), these are two things that are certainly found in their latest home and away kits. The home kit is simply incredible. We here at UK Soccer Shop seriously hope that the country performs fantastically and with this bold, simple, energetic kit, they are certain to make a footballing splash.


nigeria_2018_nike_home_football_shirt_a nigeria_2018_nike_home_football_shirt_b


The country’s male football team is currently ranked 47th in the world. This is a recovering position from their 2015 place of 66th. This rise could see the country return to its all-time best of 9th place in 2006, or it could see a small rise and a big fall. All we know is that their latest kits are certainly worthy of a high ranking. If rankings were simply calculated by the craziness of a jersey’s pattern. Which we can;t say for certain that it isn’t.


The home kit is the main feature. It has a seemingly unending amount of upside-down, jagged arrows which cause the viewers eyes to hurt after too much exposure to it. While the pattern is great and incredibly direct, the colouring makes it truly special.




The under colour is lime-green. It’s a fresh tone which seems the perfect match for the white arrows on the body. The sleeves are white with black arrows, giving a nice contrast and matching the colouring perfectly.


Nigeria’s away kit is a little more plain. Perhaps created by a designer who saw the home kit and thought there needed to be something a little more neutral. It features a darker green across the body and sleeves. The logo colouring matches the kit colour and the nape is where a lighter shade can be seen.


We think these two kits are great, the vibrancy seems to compliment the simplicity and dull tones. We’re almost at the World Cup now and nobody is more excited to see this kit perform than us.


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