Singapore’s Stunning 2018/19 National Kits by Nike

You might find yourself wondering to yourself; what is Asia’s oldest football organisation? Well in Nike’s latest press release, this author found out that it’s The Football Association of Singapore, formerly known as the Singapore Amateur Football Association. Whilst you might now be thinking “wow that’s great. I’ve learnt something new”. You might also be questioning why this is relevant. Well Singapore have just released their latest team kits. The kits are infinitely simple. We at UK Soccer Shop love those words. The two are also quite vibrant in colour and bring subtle features which might blow you away.




The first kit top is a gorgeous red. One which will be easily seen on any football pitch. On the chest sits the state’s crest and on the right side, Nike’s symbolic Swoosh. Also across the chest is a pattern flowing downwards from darker to light shades of red. This is done using a digital style and is quite effective as an underlying pattern. This pattern, according to Nike, is representative of the Merlion, a mythical fish creature which carried wonderful scales. The scales feature across the chest and give a new dynamic to the design.


The secondary kit is a stunning sky-blue with a darer shade across the sleeves. The sleeves appear to be incredibly breathable and the same logos appear across the chest.



On the nape of each of the jerseys is Singapore’s national flag, representing peace and progress.

The two kits are incredibly symbolic and really work well together. About the kit tops, Nike’s spokesperson says:

“Singapore’s new home and away looks are rooted in the country’s interesting history.”
The thought, style, and effective design means that we at UK Soccer Shop really look forward to seeing these kits competing in Asian football. Hopefully the symbolic nature powers them to victory.



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