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Ukraine Home and Away Euro 2016 Shirts Revealed

The new Ukraine Euro 2016 shirt has us intrigued.

Unlike other Adidas Euro 2016 efforts thus far this shirt comes with a buttoned collar and we like it!

The Ukraine shirt is predominantly yellow and the iconic Adidas stripes find themselves on the shoulders of the new jersey contrary to other countries who have them at the either side of their shirts.


The subtle backdrop of a tartan like design compliments the yellow very well. We say tartan-like, it is tartan! Although there is no historic links to why this is on the jersey other than it looks really cool.

The federation’s logo completes the look. Yellow shorts and socks will accompany the shirt.

The away kit is a template of the home jersey only it is entirely blue with the adidas stripes and logo reverting to a contrasting yellow.

The buttoned collar is still on show, and it compliments the home jersey nicely.

Adidas have done well in kitting out the Ukranian squad for Euro 2016 although the tartan design has come from left-field.

We wonder if the Scots have it copyrighted.


What do you think of the new Ukraine Euro 2016 shirts?


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