Peñarol Unveil 125th Anniversary Kit

Peñarol celebrate their 125th anniversary this year. Wednesday, 28th September to be precise.

Whilst Club Atletico Peñarol was formally founded in 1913, their roots lie in the Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club, a works team established in Montevideo during 1891.

From those humble roots sprang the sporting giant of today. 50 domestic titles, including last season’s Primera Division, as well as 3 Intercontinental Cups and 5 Copa Libertadores.

Peñarol-125-years-kit chest

Peñarol 125th Anniversary Kit

This is the Puma-designed 125th anniversary kit:

Peñarol-125-years-kit shirt

During the early years, the club wore black and yellow quarters, inspired by the colours of the early locomotive, Stephenson’s Rocket.

Puma has taken that theme and designed a kit of black and yellow halves which were worn from 1896 for a decade.

The shirt features a black polo-style collar but with a full neck rather than buttons. The sleeves are the alternate colour to the half of the shirt, i.e. black half, yellow sleeve and vice versa.

On the chest, there is a one-off crest which commemorates the club’s roots as a works team on the right, opposite the current crest on the left.

The kit will be used in tomorrow’s match against Juventud from the southern Uruguayan city of Las Piedras.



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